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What is Union Web Tech?

Union Web Tech is a contractor for union websites and online platforms that provide web apps to connect your organization with its members and contractors. Our platforms enable you to streamline communications and reduce operational costs so you can focus on what matters most: your members.

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Your Local Office, Now Online

Union Web Tech builds online platforms to help your union in five core areas: in serving existing members, contractor relations, membership marketing, internal operations, and digital communications. Each platform we develop is built and designed specifically for unions, providing you with the online tools, systems, and teams that have served other locals and organizations successfully.

Proudly American, Proudly Union

IBEW Mission Statement

To organize all workers in the entire electrical industry in the United States and Canada, including all those in public utilities and electrical manufacturing, into local unions; to promote reasonable methods of work; to cultivate feelings of friendship among those of our industry; to settle all disputes between employers and employees by arbitration (if possible); to assist each other in sickness or distress; to secure employment; to reduce the hours of daily labor; to secure adequate pay for our work; to seek a higher and higher standard of living; to seek security for the individual; and by legal and proper means to elevate the moral, intellectual and social conditions of our members, their families and dependents, in the interest of a higher standard of citizenship.

Providing the Highest Quality Work
that Exceeds Expectation

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